Come, experience the magic of Kolkata through our eyes!

Ah, Calcutta, Calcutta! You either love it or you hate it - there are no half-way options!

But come see it through our eyes - this much beloved metropolis - and you'll find it hard to go away without being mesmerized. The city, its quirks, its food, its people, will all work their magic on you.

In Kolkata
To help you explore Kolkata and its surrounds, we’ve created a set of short duration tours. Based on your interests, you can mix and match these into a full day or half day itinerary. If you like almost everything on offer (a common phenomenon!) then write to us with your interests, and we’ll create a custom tour for you.

Around Kolkata
If you have about 3 or 4 days to spend in Kolkata, you can also try some of our day trips outside the city. These trips offer the chance to see a more green, rural Bengal (and be charmed all over again!). At Shantinikentan you can experience the beauty of Tagore's thinking, and at Bishnupur, you can marvel at the terracota temples and crafts. For details, please write to

Longer Trips
We can also help you plan longer trips if you want to visit other parts of eastern and north-eastern India. Please write to and tell us what you're interested in.